Lewisburg Cross Cut Canal


Annals of Buffalo Valley, Pennsylvania, 1755-1855
A news report of the celebration by the town upon completion of the canal is on page 503.


Centennial History of Lewisburg   - 1886
A brief history of the canal is on page 48140.


Hazard's Register of Pennsylvania, Volume 12 – 1834
A news report of the celebration by the town upon completion of the canal is on 313.


Hazard's United States Commercial and Statistical Register, Volume 4 – 1841
A report on the condition of the canal and repairs required is on page 89.


History and Topography of Northumberland, Huntingdon, Mifflin, Centre, Union , Columbia, Juniata and Clinton Counties, Pa – 1846
A description of the canal is on page 271.


History of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania – 1892
Reference to the canal is on page 323.


Journal of the Senate of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Volume 3 – 1842
A report on the disrepaired state of the canal is on page 158.


A brief history and description is on page 7; historical photos are on pages 13 and 14.


Lewisburg Cross Cut Canal Historical Marker
A photo of the marker in Lewisburg.

Pennsylvania Newspaper Archive
A set of historical articles making reference to the canal.


Reports of the Heads of Departments to the Governor of Pennsylvania – 1857
A report of appropriations to repair the canal is on page 448.


Snyder County Annals – 1919
A petition to the legislator, requesting that repairs be made to the canal, is on page 100.


The Register of Pennsylvania – 1829
A brief description and estimate of construction costs is on page 421.


Thirteenth Annual Report – The Pennsylvania Canal Co. - 1879
A brief description is on page 8.


Union County, Pennsylvania: A Celebration of History
A brief history begins on page 55.


Union County sesquicentennial ; the story of a county, 1813-1963 – 1963
Includes a brief history of the canal.


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