Girard Canal

Also see Schuylkill Canal

A Brief Description of the Canals and Rail Roads of the United States – 1834
A brief description is on page 30.


Digital Public Library of America
Links to historical maps.


Early American Railroads – 1839
A brief description is on page 553.


Hazard's Register of Pennsylvania, Volume 15 – 1835
A brief report on a potential problem with the canal is on page 43.


Journal of the Franklin Institute – 1846
A status report on the reconstruction of the canal locks is on page 237.


Niles' Weekly Register, Volume 26 – 1824
A brief history of the naming of the canal is on page 302.


Pennsylvania Newspaper Archive
A set of historical articles making reference to the canal.


Philadelphia in 1824; or, a brief account of the various institutions and public objects in this metropolis
A brief history and description is on page 163.


The Economic History of the Anthracite-tidewater Canals, Issue 22 – 1908
A brief history of the canal is on page 128.


The Register of Pennsylvania – 1829
A brief report of damage to the canal is on page 272; an obituary of the man for whom the canal was named begins on page 431.


The Schuylkill Canal
Historical and current photos of the canal are on pages 23 - 25, 120 - 126.


The Schuylkill navigation and the Girard Canal
A detailed survey of the structures on the Girard Canal section of the navigation system still existing (as of 1989).   Numerous photos, historical maps and engineering sketches of lock hardware, plus a history of the complete navigation system.


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