Cascade Locks and Canal


Cascade Canal
A brief history and description of the canal.


Cascade Canal Map

Cascade Canal Postcard
A historical postcard of the canal.


Cascade Locks, Oregon
A brief history and description of the canal and adjacent community. Historical postcards, current photos and links to related sites.

Cascade Locks, Oregon
A brief history of the community, including reference to the canal. Historical and current photos.

Cascade Locks & Canal
History and description of the locks, effect on river traffic, historical photos. Links to related sites.

Cascade Locks & Canal Opens on November 5, 1896
History of the canal. Historical photo.

Cascades Canal photo – 1882-1883
A historical photo of a lock.


Chronicling America
A set of historical newspaper articles which make reference to the canal.


Columbia River Steamers in Cascade Locks
Historical color postcard of steamboats in the locks.

Congressional Edition, Volume 5728 – 1909
An operational report of the canal begins on page 2218.


Construction of the Cascade Canal and Locks
1895 photo of the canal construction and a brief history.

Opening of the Cascade Locks
Description of an 1896 special edition of the "Morning Oregonian" newspaper, regarding the opening of the locks.

Report of the Oregon Conservation Commission to the Governor, Issue 1 – 1908
A report on the canal begins on page 25.   Includes a historical photo.


Steamboats on the Columbia River at Cascade Locks
A historical photo of the locks.


The Gorge - 2
A brief description of the canal and a historical photo. Includes information about the surrounding region.

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