General Canal Sites

A Brief Description of the Canals and Railroads of the United States - 1834

A “Canaller’s” Diary – 1888
An article begins on page 3 of the American Canal Society newsletter.


A Connected View of the Whole Internal Navigation of the United States - 1830
A book about the past progress and current state of artificial and natural internal navigation systems, including proposed canals under consideration.

A Description of the Canals and Railroads of the United States - 1840
Reviews of canals and railroads by state.

A History of Transportation in the Eastern Cotton Belt to 1860
Histories of canals is discussed on pages 11, 34 and 119.

A Treatise On the Improvement of Canal Navigation - 1796
A publication authored by Robert Fulton.


Albert Gallatin, Report of the Secretary of the Treasury; on the Subject of Public Roads and Canals - 1808
His report to Congress on internal transportation.

American Canal Society
Includes links to older issues of the organization's newsletter, canal information and data sheets, canal guides and photos.


Annual Report of the State Engineer and Surveyor for the Year 1906
Part II of Noble Whitford's extensive history of the New York Canal System.   Includes brief histories and descriptions of U.S. canals outside of New York State, canalized rivers, state and corporation canals, canals outside of the U.S., biographies and statistics.

Canal-Boat Children - 1923
A U.S. Department of Labor report on the condition of children along some of the remainting canals.


Canal Boat School
A historical photo.

Canal Development in Early America – Part 1
An article begins on page 3 of the American Canal Society newsletter.


Canal Development in Early America – Part 2
The article concludes on page 4 of the American Canal Society newsletter.


Canal Photos
A set of current canal photos.


Includes a brief history of U.S. canals, how they were financed, the Erie Canal, canal workers, traveling by canal, the impact on reform and an explanation of how locks operate.


Canals and Navigable Rivers
An overview of U.S. and western European canals. Current photos.

Canals for a Nation
Excepts from a history of U.S. canals. Historical photos and maps.

Canals Timeline
Links to timelines of a variety of canal events, with a focus on U.S. Canals.

Common Labour: Workers and the Digging of North American Canals 1780-1860
Excerpts from the book.


Credit and Discredit
An article about banking in the U.S. between 1835 and 1850, and its impact on canal development.


Cyclopaedia of Commerce, Mercantile Law, Finance, Commercial Geography & Navigation - 1863
Brief descriptions of U.S. canals that had been constructed, as of 1863, begin on page 41.

Encyclopædia Americana, Volume 2 - 1830
Brief descriptions of American canals begins on page 464.


Geography of Transportation
A history of the development of U.S. canals begins on page 80 and continues on page 83.   Includes maps.


Historic Highways of America ...: The great American Canals V. 1. – 1904
Includes histories of the Chesapeake and Ohio and the Pennslyvania Canal.


History of the Railroads and Canals of the United States - 1860
Excerpts from an 1860 book.

In the Beginning
An article begins on page 13 of the American Canal Society newsletter.


Inland Navigation: Connecting the New Republic 1790 - 1840
Histories of roads, canals, rivers and railroads in this time period. Includes historical illustrations and maps.

Letter from Robert Fulton to President George Washington - 1797
A letter discussing the feasibility of canal navigation between Philadelphia and Lake Erie.

Locks (Hydraulic engineering)
A collection of historical photos of U.S. canal locks.


Map of the Canals and Railroads for Transporting Anthracite Coal from the Several Coal Fields to the City of New York
An 1856 map.

Map of the Railroads and Canals, Finished, Unfinished, and in Contemplation, in the United States
An 1834 map.

National Canal Museum
Includes attractions, schedule of events, slide shows describing the history of canal development in the Lehigh Valley and a link to a children's book about canal history.


North American Canals
An index of links to many North American canal web sites.

Notes on Canal History and Engineering
An overview of the history of world canals, including the U.S., and information on canal engineering.

Railway and Commercial Information - 1850
Brief descriptions of U.S. and Canadian canals that had been constructed begin on page 139.

Report of the Committee on so Much of the President's Message as Relates to Roads and Canals
Link to an 1817 report.

River Towns, River Networks
Includes historical illustrations and paintings of the Erie Canal and the Pennslyvania Main Line Portage Railroad, a passenger list from an Erie Canal packet and an 1860 map of Cincinnati, showing the route of the Miami and Erie Canal.


The American Canal Society
Includes brief descriptions and histories of most U.S. canals, canal guides, currnet photos, newsletters, upcoming events and links to related sites.

The Canal Age
A brief history of U.S. canals. Historical and current photos.

The Economic History of the Anthracite-Tidewater Canals - 1908
A book about the anthracite coal mining industry in eastern Pennsylvania, and the impact of several canals on its development.

The Edinburgh Encyclopedia, Volume 18 - 1832
Brief descriptions of canals existing as of 1832.

The Great American Canals - Vol. 1
A link to the 1904 book.

The Great American Canals - Vol. 2
A link to the 1904 book.

The Great American Canals - Vol. 13
A link to the 1904 book.

The Progress of America, from the Discovery of Columbus to the Year 1846, Vol. II
Brief descriptions of U.S. canals begins on page 697.  Descriptions by individual states begins on page 715.

Transportation in America before 1876
Includes photos of canal-era artifacts.


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