Ansonia Canal


Historical photos of the canal appear on pages 24, 27, 29, 102, and a brief description of the role of Almon Farrel in the development of the canal is on page 26.


A historical painting and photos of the canal are found on pages 26-29.


Derby and Ansonia
A historical aerial photo of the town and canal are on page 59.


May Cost City $60,000 to Fill Tail Race Which in 1844 Made Industrial Ansonia Possible
A brief history of the community, and the role of the canal in its development.

Power Canal Floods Town
A 1912 article about the flood.

The Americana, Volume 6 – 1913
A brief history of the development of the canal and surrounding industry can be found in the section "Copper and Brass Industry".


The Creation of the City of Ansonia and today's Valley in 1888-1889
An early history of Ansonia and neighboring communities, and the role of the canals in their development.

This Week in History
A brief description of the canal.


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